Our Friends

Music is our biggest inspiration at High Dive, we're big supporters of live music from not being able to move your arms in a pub cellar to stadiums. We have made some friends in our short journey, heres some of the bands and brands we endorse, check them out and discover some new music!

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It contains the bands below and plenty of new pop-punk to the biggest floor fillers! we hope you like it! Let us know


Body Mods, Hereford

Body Mods Tattoo & Piercing first opened in Hereford in 2009. Recently moved to the new larger store at Maylord Orchards in Hereford city centre they boast 3 resident tattoo artists and 3 resident body piercers. The welcoming team have been ridiculously supportive of High Dive allowing us to sell and showcase High Dive instore and we can't thank them enough. So go grab a tattoo or piercing and pick up a tee whilst your there!

One Last Confession

Joe Dawson one last confession high dive apparel

One Last confession are a new band blending Heavy rock and metal that will have you belting out lyrics as if you wrote them yourself. Vocalist Joe Dawson has been endorsed with High Dive since the beginning and has taken on this new adventure with Stephen Turner on guitar. Follow these guys on social media to hear new music coming very soon!

one last confession high dive apparel




Joe Dawson high dive apparel

Joe Dawson a friend since the beginning has got his creative juices flowing starting a solo project for his own material. New music coming soon and expect big things!


Hide Your Eyes

hide your eyes

"Hide Your Eyes keep you on the edge of your seat with a varied mix of style, delivery and sound, both vocally and instrumentally and through an intriguing combination of acoustic and heavy melodies – all of which comes together to form a style that’s been labelled ‘Nu Rock.’"  
- GigRadar



Life Against Time

Life against time high dive apparel

Life Against Time are a progressive metalcore band from Kidderminster. A tremendous live act you can catch regularly around Birmingham area. Be sure to check them out.



Stop The Rain

Stop The Rain are an up-and-coming five piece alternative rock band from Perth, Scotland. In the summer of 2016, they recorded their debut single "Home Is Where My Heart Is" which was released to all major platforms later on in the year.  The band currently have 3 singles on all major streaming platforms and a 4 track e.p being released in Sept ’17.



Fake A Home

Arizona pop punk band with a killer debut EP! "Feel Something"  is months of hard work that paid off. Check it out below.


Slow Blood

Just go damn listen to them!